Real Estate

Thalassic Capital invests in first class assets targeting growth around the globe based on future population movements and economic directions. We maximise the usage of our local and global expertise to generate measurable returns with the target of creating thriving communities through our investments.

Strategic Asset Allocation


Our objectives require a strong incorporated investment policy that evolves and adapts dynamically to rapidly changing global economic and market conditions, enabling more efficient exits from overvalued assets and acquisitions of undervalued assets across borders.
Business Solutions
Thalassic Capital creates solutions with exceptional services for our partners and clients, uncovering distinctive opportunities. We grow with the businesses from the development to scaling phases, and our multicultural experts guide businesses expanding to the globe.
“Sanpo Yoshi”
To build sustainable investments and
businesses, our people truly understand the
meaning of “Triple Win”, also known as
“Sanpo Yoshi,” where our decisions satisfy
both the seller and buyer as well as society.
  • The Accessibility
    We provide solutions that fulfil a wide range of portfolio creation objectives, as well as connect businesses through our diversified global and local platform.
  • The Support
    Our professionals provide insights, opportunities, educational and advisory support to individuals and enterprises, helping them better understand the structure and characteristics of the investments and businesses.
  • The Partnership